About Us

When everything is riding on this moment and the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, you need a partner you can trust to take you all the way.

We have helped more than 200 companies to thrive and grow in times of intense challenge and opportunity to become industry leaders. Among them:

Altiris, C|NET, ExactTarget, Expedia, Facebook, Fandango, FX Alliance, GoDaddy, Genesys Software, Groupon, HomeAway, Netflix, RealNetworks, Redback Networks, Rent the Runway, RiskMetrics Group, Sitecore, Splunk, Spotify, Thinkorswim, VICE Media, and Zillow.

Based in Palo Alto, New York City and London, TCV blends a Silicon Valley mindset with a global perspective.

TCV partners for the long term. We have helped guide CEOs through more than 100 IPOs and strategic acquisitions, and we continue to partner with many of them today.

How We Invest

Technology is the heart of our business. We invest in businesses that leverage the latest advances in technology to serve consumers and businesses. This typically falls into the categories of internet, tech-enabled services, infrastructure and software.

We look for companies that have achieved product-market fit, are looking to scale further and have the potential to become leaders in their respective markets. For more detail on the types of businesses we support, please see our list of companies here.

We are flexible and invest in companies at whatever stage and in whatever form makes the most sense for them at the time. TCV might be the first institutional investor, investing a significant amount of capital for a board seat and majority position in a company that has been bootstrapped by its founders, or we might be a minority investor at the end of a long cap table in a pre-IPO business that is looking for help to take it to the next level. We invest in private and public companies. Unlike many venture firms, we do not look at an IPO as an “exit.” Rather, we continue to support many of our companies for years to come. Examples include Alarm.com, Facebook, GoDaddy, Netflix, Rapid7 and many more.

How We Work for You

TCV delivers decades of real-world experience building and advising high-growth tech companies.

Here are some of the ways we help:

  • Scaling world class teams
  • Optimizing go-to-market strategies
  • Measuring against key performance metrics
  • Connecting you with high-value customers and partners
  • Sharing best practices of industry-leading businesses
  • Plugging you into a network of like-minded business leaders
  • Supporting your long-term vision and helping you execute on it
  • Providing thoughtful analysis when you want guidance
  • Continuing to support you through multiple life cycles
  • Managing high-stakes acquisitions
  • Preparing for IPO and life as a public company