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Customer Acquisition Forums

Each summer, TCV hosts a set of forums—one on customer acquisition for Consumer Internet companies and another on innovations in go-to-market models for Software entities.

Launched in 2008, these annual gatherings quickly became must-attends for CEOs and senior marketing and product executives in the industry.

“TCV has unique access to the world’s most innovative marketers which they assemble every summer for a two
day offsite. Super impactful, it’s been a must attend for me for the past six years.”

Spencer Rascoff
CEO of Zillow

“The Customer Acquisition Forum is a great example of how TCV thinks and acts differently when it comes to supporting its portfolio companies. With CAF, TCV assembles an impressive roster of the industry’s best minds to cover the truly actionable things that drive both strategy and growth.”

CMO of Groupon

“TCV created a really collaborative forum of cutting edge CEOs and CMOs. It was the perfect group to engage with when I launched the Facebook ad platform, and now I look forward to returning now that I’m at Pinterest.”

Tim Kendall
Head of Product Management at Pinterest

Consumer Forum

Supporting our Consumer Internet portfolio companies in the area of online customer acquisition is one of the most effective, tangible ways for us to add value.

Fortunate to count some of the greatest marketing innovators—using direct response, brand, product, PR or pricing strategies—among our portfolio, each summer since 2008 we’ve invited a few to share their insights with invited guests.

Past Speakers

· Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix
· Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow
· Michelle Peluso, CEO of Gilt
· Rich Williams, CMO of Groupon
· Phil Bienert, EVP, eCommerce at GoDaddy
· Gokul Rajaram, Head of Ads Platform at Facebook
· Tim Kendall, head of Product Management at Pinterest; former head of Facebook’s ad platform
· Kristian Segerstrale, EVP of Digital at Electronic Arts
· David Fischer, VP of Advertising & Global Operations at Facebook
· Ed Han, CEO of TinyPrints
· Rob Solomon, president of Groupon; CEO of SideStep
· Chamath Palihapitiya, former VP of Growth, Mobile & International, at Facebook


“There is a small group of companies that have really innovated on the software go to market model at scale. TCV does a great job of bringing these companies together at their annual event.”

Mike Bennett
Former CEO of SolarWinds

“TCV truly has access to the best marketers and software executives in the world. The depth of insights shared and personal relationships that are built are unlike any conference I’ve ever attended – simply put, the TCV conference is my one ‘can’t miss event of the year’.”

Tim Kopp
CMO of Exact Target

“The consumerization of IT is the biggest sea change in software for the coming decade. TCV was early to recognize it. They sought the world’s thought leaders, and nailed it. A must attend event for the past three years.”

Anthony Deighton
CTO and SVP of Products, QlikView

Software Forum

Supporting our Software portfolio companies in the area of go-to-market models is another of the most effective ways for us to add value.

Each summer since 2009, we’ve assembled software companies that are implementing innovative go-to-market models at meaningful scale and pursuing a unique approach. Such innovations have wide-ranging implications for product, sales and marketing processes. Implemented successfully, they can and have disrupted large incumbents and helped build significant franchises.

Past Speakers

· Aneel Bhusri, CEO of Workday
· Godfrey Sullivan, CEO of Splunk
· Mike Bennet, former CEO of SolarWinds
· Jay Simons, President of Atlassian
· Les Bonney, COO of QlikTech
· Andrew Burton, SVP of Product, GM, at LogMeIn 2012
· Bjarne Hansen, president at Sitecore
· Dan Levin, COO of Box.net
· Zack Urlocker, president of Zendesk, former EVP of Marketing, Product, at MySQL
· Tim Kopp, CMO of ExactTarget


Executives named above include current and former TCV partners, advisors, portfolio company executives, and other past attendees.

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