Consumer Investing – B2C

Our B2C coverage area is broadly defined across consumer internet and mobile technology, and includes e-commerce, digital media & entertainment, marketing & advertising technology, and vertical marketplaces and e-services businesses in sectors such as real estate, travel & hospitality, legal, education, jobs, and more.

Enterprise Investing – B2B

Our B2B team focuses primarily on horizontal and vertical software, tech-enabled and information services, and infrastructure businesses. Sub-sector focus areas include front office, supply chain, oil & gas, security, financial services & payments, healthcare, education, hardware, operating systems, and storage.

We are flexible and invest across multiple stages.

TCV provides capital to growth-stage private and public information technology companies. We make $30M-$300M equity investments in minority, majority/Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs), and public deal constructs. Read our LBO case study about GoDaddy.

About TCV

For more than 20 years, TCV has helped build large, lasting companies by forging long-term relationships with founders and leaders who have already achieved a product-market fit involving advanced technology. We provide growth capital to public and private companies, usually with $10 million to $100 million in revenue. We often follow our portfolio companies for years before we invest. That’s so we’ll be ready at the moment when our partnership can make a definitive difference: with high-growth expertise, optimizing go-to-market strategies, managing high-stakes acquisitions, breaking into international markets, or going public.

Since our founding in 1995, we have raised nine funds and invested $9 billion in leading technology companies, including Altiris, Dollar Shave Club, ExactTarget, Expedia, Facebook, Fandango, GoDaddy, Genesys Software, HomeAway, Merkle, Netflix, Redback Networks, Rent the Runway, Sitecore, Splunk, Spotify, VICE Media, and Zillow. We have taken 59 companies public. Our M&A experience includes more than 50 deals. This track record means we know how to help companies succeed with a wide range of strategies, in up markets and tough times.

We recognize that every company is unique, so we match our financing to your situation and strategy. We typically invest when the stakes are highest, and expand our position when other investors exit. No matter what we do, it’s founded on integrity and trust.

This approach also keeps our feet firmly on the ground. We start from the recognition that every company is unique, so we match our financing to your situation and strategy. As the “Switzerland” of venture capital, we’re comfortable with debt and equity, with majority or minority positions, and with other sources of capital.

We are fully engaged investors who do our share of heavy lifting to scale your business: researching opportunities, accelerating customer acquisition, and recruiting talent. We provide first-name introductions to the true innovators in Silicon Valley, New York, Europe and beyond, whose hard-won knowledge is beyond price. And no matter what we do, it’s founded on integrity and trust. There’s a seemingly endless amount of capital looking for deals, so we’re looking for people – people we can share our resources, energy and successes with.

One of our hallmarks is investing in companies when the stakes are highest. Another is the long-term hold – often we expand our position at times when other investors exit. Both stem from the same philosophy: backing the people and visions we believe in. And that brings us full circle: our mission is helping build great companies that grow large enough, and last long enough, to change the way the world works.