All Investments (Listed Alphabetically)

No assumptions should be made that any investments identified below were or will be profitable. It should also not be assumed that recommendations made in the future will be profitable or equal the performance of the companies identified below.

Abilizer Solutions, Inc., Inc.
Act-On Software, Inc.
Actifio, Inc.
Actuate Corporation
Adknowledge, Inc.
Advanced Switching Communications, Inc.
Airbnb Holdings, Inc.
All Covered, Inc., Inc.
Alteon WebSystems, Inc.
Altiris, Inc.
Alventive, Inc.
Applied Science Fiction, Inc.
AppNexus Inc.
Ariba, Inc.
Aurigin Systems, Inc.
Automated Trading Desk, Inc., Inc.
Avetta, LLC
Believe Digital
BenefitMall Inc.
BeVocal, Inc.
BrightMail Incorporated
Business Engine, Inc., Inc.
C | Net, Inc.
CCC Information Services
CacheFlow Inc., Inc.
Capella Education Company
Capital Access Network, Inc.
Castek Software Inc.
Celarix, Inc.
Ceon Corporation
Charitableway, Inc.
Claremont Technology Group, Inc.
Clareon Corporation
Constellar Corporation
Continuous Computing Corp.
Copper Mountain Networks, Inc.
CopperCom, Inc.
CoreExpress, Inc.
Corsair Communications, Inc.
CoSine Communications, Inc.
CosmoCom, Inc.
Creo Products, Inc.
Cruel World, Inc.
Digital Generation Systems, Inc.
Digital Media Campus, Inc.
Dollar Shave Club, Inc.
eBags, Inc.
EBNT USA Holdings Inc. (dba EmbanetCompass)
eConvergent, Inc.
Egenera, Inc.
eHarmony, Inc.
Ejasent, Inc.
Eladian Partners LP
Electronic Arts Inc.
Elevate Credit, Inc.
eMachines, Inc.
Emerald Solutions, Inc.
Encompass, Inc.
EngineX Networks, Inc.
Envestnet, Inc.
ESociety, Inc.
EtQ, Inc.
Everyday Health, Inc.
Evite, Inc.
ExactTarget, Inc.
EXE Technologies, Inc.
ExlService Holdings, Inc.
Expedia, Inc.
ExtraHop Networks, Inc.
Extricity, Inc.
Facebook, Inc.
Fandango, Inc.
Fast Forward, Inc.
Fiberlink Communications Corporation
FirePond, Inc.
Foundries Holdings, LLC (fka Raza Foundries, Inc.)
FX Alliance Inc.
Global 360 Holding Corp.
Global Market Insite, Inc.
Go Daddy
Great Entertaining, Inc.
Green Dot Corporation
Groupon, Inc., Inc.
Handyman Online, Inc.
HomeAway, Inc., Inc.
IB Holding, LLC (fka Intelligent Beauty, Inc.)
iBasis, Inc.
ICON International, Inc.
iMarket, Inc.
IMX, Inc.
InPhonic, Inc.
Integral Access, Inc.
Integres Global Logistics, Inc.
Interactive Brokers Group, Inc.
Intraware, Inc.
Inventa Technologies, Inc.
iPipeline, Inc.
iPolicy Networks, Inc.
iSolve Incorporated
iVillage, Inc.
JellyCloud, Inc. (fka Claria Corporation)
K12, Inc.
kgb (fka INFONXX, Inc.)
Knight Capital Group, Inc.
LHS Group, Inc.
Liquidnet Holdings, Inc.
LiveMind, Inc.
Logictier, Inc.
Lynk Systems, Inc.
Maple Optical Systems, Inc
MarketAxess Holdings, Inc.
Mattersight Corporation (fka eLoyalty Corporation)
Mayan Networks Corporation
MemberWorks, Inc.
Merkle Group Inc.
Metapath Software International, Inc.
Minted, Inc.
Mockingbird Networks
MoneyExpert Group Holdings Limited, Inc.
Motricity, Inc., Inc.
NAT Systems International, Inc.
Netflix, Inc.
NewlineNoosh, Inc.
NewMarkets International, Inc.
NewsEdge Corporation
Newsela, Inc.
NewVoiceMedia Limited
NexTag Holdings, Inc.
NuMega Technologies, Inc.
Oak Pacific Interactive
One Touch Systems, Inc.
OneSource Virtual
ONYX Software Corporation
Open English
Open Text Corporation, Inc.
OPi Softoware
Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.
Origin Holdings Inc.
OSIsoft, LLC
OurHouse, Inc.
Paciolan, Inc.
Peloton Interactive, Inc.
Penson Worldwide , Inc.
Perfecto Mobile
Personic, Inc., Inc.
PointCast, Inc.
Positive Communications, Inc.
Rapid7, Inc.
RealNetworks, Inc.
Redback Networks, Inc.
Rent the Runway
Retail Merchant Services Limited
RiskMetrics Group, Inc.
RTS Investor Corp. (dba R.J. O’Brien)
Saville Systems Ireland Limited
Security Source, Inc.
Seismic Micro-Technology, Inc.
Sigma Networks, Inc.
Silver Peak
Sitecore Corporation A/S
SolArc, Inc.
Solect Technology Group, Inc.
SPL WorldGroup B.V.
Splunk Inc.
Spotify Corp.
Springstreet, Inc.
SQL Financials International, Inc.
Switchhouse Inc.
TechStyle Fashion Group
TechTarget, Inc.
Techwell, Inc.
Tenor Networks, Inc.
Tenth Planet Explorations, Inc.
TestMart, Inc.
Toast, Inc.
TourRadar GmbH
The Pracuj Group, Inc.
Think Finance
thinkorswim Group, Inc.
TimesTen, Inc.
Tiny Prints, Inc.
TOA Technologies
Top Layer Networks, Inc.
Total Sports Inc.
Trading Edge, Inc.
TradingScreen, Inc.
TripAdvisor, Inc.
Triversity, Inc.
Twilio, Inc.
Varsity Tutors
Vastera, Inc.
Vendio Services, Inc. (fka, Inc.)
Verian Technologies, Inc.
Vertical Networks Incorporated
Viant Corp.
VICE Media
Webroot Software, Inc.
WebTone, Inc.
Whitepages, Inc.
XACCT Technologies Ltd.
XIOTech Corporation
XRS Corporation
Xylan Corporation
YOUcentric, Inc.
Zillow Group, Inc.
ZoneTrader, Inc.