Partnerships are at the core of Spryker, a growing e-commerce company. Because Spryker works with customers across B2C, B2B, and marketplace sales, the company’s ability to drive growth for its partners through responsive, agile solutions is of paramount importance. Creating a sound partnership strategy across regions is critical and Spryker values a transparent and trust-driven culture both within its organization and with its partners. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast, and this is why it’s so important to keep this in focus,” says Edmund Frey, Spryker’s Chief Revenue Officer.

In today’s episode of Growth Hacks, Kunal and Katja sit down with Edmund to discuss how Spryker first defined its company culture as part of its partnership strategy. Edmund then walks them through the three steps that Spryker takes when defining its partnership vision, and how it does so while mitigating conflict between various parts of its sales apparatus. He also breaks down Spryker’s playbook to global expansion and how it diversifies the staff across its partnership teams, and explains how Spryker draws its partners into its community on an ongoing basis to drive awareness, excitement, and shared learnings. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why Spryker adopted a ‘herd mentality’ when defining its corporate culture
  • Three steps that Spryker team uses to define its partnership vision, while avoiding conflict between its direct and indirect sales forces
  • The growth-minded approach Spryker takes when staffing its partnerships team
  • Why brand awareness and marketing isn’t enough for e-commerce companies when expanding internationally 
  • How Spryker’s biannual Solutions Partner Bootcamp builds community amongst the Spryker team and its partners

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