In this episode of Growth Journeys, TCV General Partner Neil Tolaney speaks with João Pedro (JP) Resende, CEO of Hotmart about:

  • The challenges and opportunities of bootstrapping a business in Brazil without any outside capital
  • How Hotmart is empowering today’s creators to pursue and monetize their passions
  • The value that comes with building and nurturing an engaged creator community

… and lots more.

Back in 2011, when Hotmart was created, the content available on the internet was mostly free: there was no paywall on news portals, no paid communities, and no podcast subscriptions. But JP and his cofounder understood that, at some point, things would change – and they did. Today, with the media decentralization allowed by technology and social media, everybody can create their own niche channel, build an audience, and monetize it.  

By the time Hotmart turned 10 years old in 2021, it had became one of the largest companies in the creator economy. They offer an all-in-one platform that includes a global payment system, members area, sales page builder, promoters and integration tools, plus reports and analytics. The company is a global player: it is based in Amsterdam and has employees in Brazil, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, the US, France, and the UK. They offer the whole ecosystem for content creators to turn their knowledge into digital products like online courses, ebooks, and podcasts. Hotmart has built and nurtured a community of creators, who live out their passions: more than 90% of them have never sold any digital product before joining Hotmart. Today, Hotmart has more than 35 million users, over 580 thousand registered products, and sales in more than 188 countries.

Tune in to hear the Hotmart story from CEO JP Resende.