When ExactTarget approached $100 million in revenue, Dorsey took a big bet: delay an IPO to continue to scale to become the category leader. It paid off. When the company ultimately went public, it was one of the largest SaaS companies with annual revenues close to $300 million. A year later, Salesforce acquired ExactTarget, which was approaching $400 million in revenue.

What does it take to scale past $100 million? In this exclusive podcast, Scott Dorsey discusses with TCV’s David Yuan how he built a powerful SaaS franchise by:

  • Choosing to delay an IPO and forward invest
  • Building a multisegment model and moving up market
  • Expanding overseas
  • Pursuing a multiproduct strategy
  • Building the Orange corporate culture
  • Deciding to sell

For the inside story of ExactTarget’s rise from start-up to star, settle back and click play.







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