CJ Longyear


Identifying promising technology before it becomes obvious is an exciting endeavor. Some seemingly inevitable innovations faced major opposition at the outset: doubters claimed bicycles and cars too dangerous, or laptops and smartphones too expensive. Now I hear similar labels applied to autonomous driving and VR. So, who’s got it right this time? That’s what motivates me.


CJ evaluates investment opportunities in enterprise IT. He found himself drawn to infrastructure investing because these underlying technologies support most of the services and capabilities that are taken for granted in daily life.

Before joining TCV, CJ was an investment banker at the Barclays Technology group in Menlo Park, advising M&A and fundraising transactions for internet, software, and communications businesses.

CJ is midway through the third decade living in the Bay Area and has survived stints in New York and Oxford. He is a casual gamer but believes VR will have greater impact transforming business, education, and healthcare — and he won’t stop talking about it. Settlers of Catan and D&D maintain pride of place on his coffee table, and he can be found covering classic rock and quoting cult-hit movies in the bullpen at work.

CJ earned a B.S. in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University. He is very proud that more than 5% of his graduating credits were from indoor and beach volleyball courses.