Gautam Gupta

General Partner

Anyone can tell you why something isn’t going to work. It’s our job to figure out why something just might.


Gautam focuses on investments in the consumer technology space including commerce, consumer-facing healthcare, education, software, and financial services businesses. He participates on the boards of Grow Therapy, Instawork, and Passport.

Most recently, Gautam was a Partner at M13 Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on consumer technology, where he led investments in marketplace, consumer subscription, and B2B2C models.

Gautam started his career at General Catalyst in 2004. He was initially an intern while in college and later became a member of the investment team. He left to launch NatureBox and, as CEO, helped build the company into a nationally recognized brand with millions of customers. Gautam has seen the highs and lows of entrepreneurship first-hand which greatly influences the collaborative way he works with founders.


Gautam loves the drive, hustle, and ambition of entrepreneurs of all kinds. He spends some of his free time mentoring entrepreneurs and serving on the advisory board of his alma mater, Babson College.


Gautam received a B.S. in Business Management from Babson College.

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