Simon Breakwell

Venture Partner

It’s just great to work with CEOs, assisting them to scale their business.

Simon joined the British Airways graduate program in 1987. In 1996 Simon moved with his family to Seattle and became a founding member of Expedia within the Microsoft mothership. Simon returned to the U.K. in 2000 to head Expedia’s European operations and in 2006 joined the main Board of IAC Travel.

More recently, he was involved in establishing Uber Operations in Europe. Simon was previously a board member at Home Away. Simon is currently a non-executive director of the Automobile Association and several other companies, including several TCV portfolio companies, and is Chairman of Supervista AG, the parent company of Simon’s first introduction to TCV was back in 2000 when the company provided Expedia with its first investment as a public company.

As a college student, Simon’s first venture into business was selling chimney-pots from old demolished buildings to upmarket householders who used them as quaint garden pots – a distinct promotion from his previous role as wash-up and coffee-boy at the local Wimpy Bar (uniquely British pre-McDonalds restaurant chain). Simon loves jumping on his bike and cycling through the lanes; he also enjoys skiing and most sports. He continues, despite their recent fall from grace, to be a keen supporter of the once “mighty” Charlton Athletic Football Club and lives in the hope of a Lazarus-like return to the Premiership.

Simon received his B.A. degree in Politics from Portsmouth Polytechnic. He also graduated, despite the weather in North West England, with an M.B.A. from Lancaster University.